Our state of the art equipment offers total volume flexibility - we can bottle more than 1,000 500ml bottles per hour.


Consistent quality is assured through our brand new plant totally sourced through Carbonation Techniques Ltd.


We are a family-owned bottling company based on the West Coast of Cumbria.

Our excellent new facilities offer brewers the opportunity to use a cost effective, quality bottling service within the county. With the help of grant funding from Distinctly Cumbrian we have built a facility that can compete with the best.

We offer a cost-effective method for micro-brewers to bottle their beer, enabling them to break into exciting new markets.

We can also offer something to Cumbrian brewers who already bottle their product outside the county - enabling them to market their product as ‘brewed and bottled in Cumbria '.

We offer:

  • Consistent quality
  • Total volume flexibility
  • Competitive pricing