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Making Cumbria Greener!

Bottled in Cumbria has been working together with eight food and drink businesses across Cumbria as part of the Lancaster Management School Eco-Innovation North-West project to address the opportunities and challenges posed by the Net Zero Carbon agenda.

This roadmap was created as part of this project to help Cumbrian Small Medium-sized Enterprise’s (SME’s) in the food and drink sector achieve the net-zero carbon ambition by signposting to resources that will aid SME’s on different parts of their journey. The roadmap encourages a proactive approach to the net-zero carbon aim through integrating strategy and sustainable practice.

How to use this roadmap

This roadmap is in a simple format to help SMEs move towards carbon net-zero without facing barriers such as inaccessible resources, unactionable resources and information overload. To use the document, you move through each section (in essence, travelling down the road to carbon net-zero!) and find the resources which meet your sustainability needs.

Each section is in a table format, with a question, a description and a link. The question allows you to find information based on what you may have considered in your own business. The description section gives an overview of the resource that is linked. The link can be clicked on to access the resource – all of the links provide actionable information to help you move closer to your carbon net-zero goals.

To make the most of the roadmap, SMEs should start at the beginning (in the 'Pledge’ section), and move down through the sections, asking questions about their business and accessing the links to create actionable change.

Not all questions have easy solutions, and some steps may prove harder than others – but the nature of making the climate pledge is committing to big and small change and recognising that every change will make a difference!













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